Frisbee in the Old Hood

June 1994

I was with Caryn L, John R and a few other people. It was raining out and we were at the mall. We ran from a coffee shop on one side of the parking lot, to the mall at the other through the pouring rain. I had to stop by my car real quick to drop something off, so I caught up with them inside.
When I got inside, I walked through a woman’s clothing store to get to the lunch place they were meeting at. As I approached the table, I saw Caryn L talking with Sue Hagler. I said hello and was actually happy to see her. The three of us talked for a bit. Sue was saying how lonely she was and that she never really talked to anyone anymore.
The next thing I know, Caryn, a small boy, I have no idea who, and Sue were in Sue’s front yard in Oakland. Caryn and the boy sat on the steps and Sue and I were in the street in front of Sese’s yard. I was asking her about the kids, but I did not ask about Chris. Matt was working with Chris, she said, Jamie lived in Minnesota with his Grandpa working as a tire center scheduler and Cara was 14 still living at home. Actually Matt lived at home as well.
Sue then walked down the street for a bit, and I went over to the steps and said some things to Caryn and the boy, then Sue called my name. She had a Frisbee and threw it to me. I picked it up off the ground and the boy was excited and wanted to play with us. We ran out in to the street and I threw it back to Sue. She was barefoot and wore shorts and as she went for the Frisbee, her feet buckled underneath her and she went down hard. The boy yelled, Caryn stood up and I stood there. Sue eventually got us and said that’s all for her.

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