Jeep Crash and Broccoli

March 1994

Dave G and I were at a bar, possibly Grants saloon, and went inside to see a large den, like someone’s house. We did not know a soul there. We sat down on a rug in the middle of the floor. The room was dark and smoke lingered everywhere.

Dave started talking to two girls next to us and I started a conversation with one of them. It was a real deep one about ourselves. Dave went to leave and I asked the girl to come along.

The next thing I know, I’m driving down 202 towards Navajo in a jeep. Its dark and its raining. I made a left onto Navajo and almost flipped the jeep. I drove down the hill and started up the other all the whiel worried about flipping the jeep. I wasn’t going to make it up the hill so I down shifted to get more power, and as soon as I hit the gas, the jeep flipped. The top of the jeep became separated and that was the part I was trapped in. It started to tumble down the hill and all I saw was the sky then the ground then the sky then the ground…I was not worried about getting hurt. I came to a stop and stood up and saw a bunch of neighborhood woman standing around looking at me.

John R came running over the hill and to me and said you should see what happened to the jeep. It had continued over the other side of the hill.

We ran to where the jeep was and saw it came to a stop in the pond in someone’s front yard. A group of people were standing there looking at it.

I waded into the pond and started grabbing bags and bags of broccoli out of the jeep and stacked them on the sidewalk. I said, Go ahead and take them, I did not have a jeep anymore.

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