‘Nam & Arnold Schwarzenegger

March 1994

I was a prisoner of war in Nam. I was being led along a river tied to a bunch of pow’s. Tied with me was Arnold Schwarzenegger. The river was on our left and a thick forest was to our right. We came to a crossroad in the path and Arnold went nuts. He ripped off mine and his chains and started beating the piss out of the guards. We ran up the bank into the woods, he was ahead and I was following.

Suddenly, he turned back and yelled, “Duck!” He tied a tree to a vine and swung it violently where I was standing a second ago, but which now stood a gook soldier. As the tree swung towards the soldier face, I got an extreme close up of the guys face as the trees roots smashed into it and pulverized it. By the way, Arnold looked like Pink just before he transformed to lead the surrogate band.

I next realized that I was in a forest with a machine gun just tearing into everything I saw. Soldiers kept coming after me but I simply split them in half with my gun.

Slowly, the scene morphed and instead of the forest I was in a mansion in a large solid wood room. There were large windows on every wall. Cops, swat members kept jumping through the windows, but I still had my gun and was still tearing up anything and everything which came at me.

I was holding them all back when I turned to my left and saw a little boy walking towards me. For a second, the mansion turned into a library (I once dreamt before) then returned to the mansion. I yelled at someone to get this kid out of here before I killed him. I looked across the room and there I saw Harriet Rothman. The kid ran to her and she yelled outside that he means it. She walked to the other side of the room with the boy and I watched them.

Out of the corner of my eyes I saw two girls run past the hallway and into another room. I chased after them and noticed it was Alice and Erin from Stockton. They stopped at a long table full of books which reminded me of the grade school book fair days. The table were lined up around the perimeter of the room and all I saw were Mad-Libs.

I yelled at them both to get out of here or I would kill them. They ignored me so I killed them with my gun. Suddenly, I was in my living room in Oakland. I was in my dining room and there were a lot of girls in my kitchen, they were my hostages although I do not remember one of them. There were people surrounding the house outside waiting my next move.

Someone jumped through the living room window and I ripped him in half with the last of my bullets from my gun. I ran around the house collecting guns from the dead soldiers. I stacked the guns in a big pile on the kitchen table. I heard two guys coming up the stairs and I knew I had enough time to grab a gun and kill them, but I looked up and saw Harriet looking right at me. I decided to let them come in a take me.

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