Office Cake

April 1994

I was in a large wood paneled den, but it was work. Larry was up giving my anniversary speech. I say in a chair at the opposite side of the room and pretended I was asleep. He continued on however, and when he finished, he said there was cake here. I heard him and as he invited me up, I did not move. No one did. I heard an worker mutter something in the background. Debbie D then went up and said well I’ll take a piece. Larry then walked away for something, which I later found out was my present.

At Debbie’s prompting, I went up and grabbed a piece of cake. It was just whipped cream on a piece of cardboard on a paper plate. Others were enjoying it, but I threw mine out.

Larry then came back and sat me down in front of everyone and gave me my present which was a tie. I had one on already and I said you should probably take this one off first. He said yeah, your right.

We then spoke for a while about something and had a very good conversation.

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