Racist Bobbing for Apples

March 1994

Adam and I went to a screening of a show in a huge studio. The place was packed. It was the tape of a new show, and I thought it was the Simpsons, although it was not.

The show was really racist, but very funny. I looked at the crowd and saw Mayor Rendell laughing really hard. One of the skits showed the star of the show preparing to bob apples. He put boiling water in the bucket with the apples. He brought it out and told one of his friends to go for it, a black guy. The guy leaned over and the start pushed his face into the water.

The stands erupted with laughter. The show was being played on a large screen and at this point I was behind it getting some food. I looked up in the stands and saw a large black man stand and point and yell, White boy! He was pointing at Adam, who was ready to fight. I looked back to where the guy was, but he disappeared and now I saw only Bill Johnson (Amuneal) in his place.

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