Railroad Explosions and Corc’s Sisters

March 1994

I was in a small western town. It was pitch night. There was a runaway train bearing down upon the center of town which was the end of the line. Flames and explosions rocked the train as it sped towards the town.

People were scrambling to safety everywhere. I ran to a warehouse near the tracks and busted down the door to get in. It was large and empty. I heard the explosions of the trains getting closer. I made it to the other side, jumped out a window and behind the warehouse, was an abandoned train and tracks. A small girl was in one of the cars and she slid the door open and told me to get in.

Just as I did, I looked back and saw the train slam through the barrier and through the main buildings of the town and erupt in an explosion that leveled the entire site.

The explosion forced me through the car and out the other side. I now found myself sitting on a dock in the middle of a sunny afternoon. It was Cork’s dock, or near by his house. Cork was there and we were just about to leave when his mom came home. She offered us food and we could not resist. Both his sisters then walked onto the deck and told us we should go to the tree fort they had just built.

We took the rope ladder and entered the fort. Red Skelton was in the fort and we kicked him right out. I climbed up to the top floor of the fort and sat down on a day bed under a large window which had its curtain drawn. The curtain was a piece of burlap sack. I wanted to open it but Beth(?) said I should not do that and should come down to eat. As she turned to leave, I took a peek out the window. Although I had climbed up to the top of the tree fort, I was now on the ground level. The fort was behind some bushes and trash and the like, but I was able to see beyond it all. What I saw was a train track and a bunch of hobo’s. In front of the window there were not a lot of them, but as I looked to my left, the numbers grew. I then saw a lot of lifeless ones laying about and a few other collecting them up and stacking them in a pile-obviously they were dead. I even saw one rip the feet off on dead hobo, and put the shoes on his own feet.

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