Registration & Sex Toys

February 1994

I was driving to work possibly, near welsh road, and decided to have my car washed. There was a long line, but I was able to pull around to the back of the building and sneak ahead of a few cars. It was a very bright sunny day.

I entered the building and sitting at a desk was an old woman. There was a man standing in the corner near a coffee machine with his back turned towards me. I stepped towards the woman, heard a horn blast outside, turned around to look, and when I turned back, Larry Maltin was standing bending the desk. He recognized me, but just continued to do his job. He asked for my registration and then said a joke about it, which he thought very funny. I laughed politely, then turned around to exit. went into a building which was made entirely of glass except for a small room located in the direct center of it. I was visiting someone and whoever it was, was not there yet. As I walked into the building, a small brunette, girl, very much like Debbie, took me by the arm and led me into the small room. She then began to seduce me and I did not refuse her. I remember kissing her forever, long deep passionate kisses. I then remember I got her on all fours and was about to fuck her when I hit the wrong hole. I did not enter, but when she felt it, she said I could. She then pulled back her underwear, which was still on somehow, and I saw a lot of tools and toys used in anal intercourse. I did not recognize any of them except a tube of jelly. She applied the jelly to herself and I guess I did it, but I do not remember it.

At one point, we were on a bed, I was on top, when a guy walked in to change the record that was playing. He said it was weird being in the same room as this.

He left and I continued to fuck her. I was looking around the room at the rock posters and stuff on the walls. I recall only a Floyd poster and a Rush album out of a rack.


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