Shore House and Milkly White Breasts

June 1994

Cork and I were at some shore house. We were renting the entire bottom floor and the top two floors were owned by old folks who lived there. It was a beautiful house, trimmed in wood and very elaborate.

Cork and I arrived there before the rest of the gang w`and we were walking around checking it out. We were staying over for the night.

I went to take a dump. The bathroom was similar in appearance to a sauna-wooden walls and floors. The toilet, however, was outside the room right in the middle of the living room. Having no other choice, I sat and started to go. Just as I was in the middle of it, the old folks came down the stairs which were directly opposite the toilet. I jumped up and ran into the bathroom and to my surprise saw a toilet and let loose there. As I left the bathroom,the old folks were entering and complainimg about the unflushed toilets.

Cork and I decided to go into town for some things. Wee were in my car, then suddenly, Cork was running along side it. Then I was running behind it trying to catch up with it.. The car was a white cobra. It had its driver side door open and was coasting town a hill. I was trying to jump inside of it but I could not catch it. A 1/4 mile down the road, it somehow made a turn around a corner. As it did so, it turned into my file cabinet. It was about to topple over, but I was able to catch up with it at the last moment. Just then cork came around the corner to see what had happened. I walked away from the cabinet and explained it to him, and when I turned away the cabinet began to roll and then hit hit a curb and fell over and its contents spilled everywhere. Back at the house, Liz M called and wanted to to spend some time together. I went over to her house.

I got there and she was sitting on her bed, dressed, but looking very inviting. I sat down and we started talking and what not. We started to get a little closer and just as we were about to kiss, another girl walked into the room. (My mechanic had a painting of a girl hanging on his wall of a girl kneeling on a bed holding her blouse open, She was a brunette and was absolutely beautiful (She looked like a young Debbie) I could not take my eyes off it. Her breasts were perfect, firm, full, milky white. It was a great painting.)

Anyway, this is the girl who walked into the room now.) So I started to fool around with this girl and liz walked out. Liz soon returned and she had cut her hair and pasted it to her cheeks to make it look like a beard. She said, If I can;t have you, I’ll have no
one. Obviously, with a beard, she will have no one.

The next thing I know, we were all at the house and it was night time and we were all enjoying ourselves. I don’t remember details or Who was there, there there was a lot of people.

There was a pool and a deck in back and it was a nice night. This girl and I were together every minute, I was really falling for her, she was gorgeous. We went off the deck into the yard and talked for a bit. She was strange, though, every now and then, she would do some somersaults and cartwheels for no reason. She would not even talk about the fact that she just did it.

So, we were in the yard, by the pool and she did a dive roll. She misjudged the distant to the pool and whacked her head on its die. No one noticed. She got up, said she felt fine, and she walked into the house. I went in to check on her, and someone said she had left in her car. I went outside and saw her just start to pull away. I, (for the second time in this dream) chased a car,this time
her car. I followed her for a while until she eventually came to a stop. I caught up to her at the same time several police officers did. They were going to ticket her, but I explained to them about her hitting her head and they let her off, but we had to call the house and have someone pick us up.

They called for us and we waited. While we waited, wee fucked standing against the car.

So a car from thew house arrived to get us and we decide to follow the car becuase both of us are now completely lost. We got in,and she said she wanted to ride in the other car, so I said sure. Paul Weitz then got into the car I was in and wee started off.

At the first light, we got separated. We were completely lost, so Paul and I junked the car and headed for the nearby train station.
(Continued next dream)

(continued dream)
We had started off in a peaceful suburb, now we in in Philly under the ‘l’. We ran around to try to find our where to buy tickets. after getting them, we ran underground to get on the right train. (The station underground is a callback.) The station is very deep underground.. To get there, you must walk down a very wide se of stairs which had a glass wall divided running down its middle.

Anyway, we come back out onto the street again, and now must wait for our bus. We enter a coffee shop and find a table in the back. We were right against a window and now had a surprising view of a beautiful countryside. There was one house off in the distance, and everywhere else just rolling hillsides and an occasional tree or two. Right in front of the shop was a muddy road used for carriages and the like. There was a super modern car driving up and down the road. Mud flew high up into the air as it cruised up and down the road. It would drive down a fewe yards, then a large trackball would drop down from its underside, and the car would spin 180 degrees enabling it to drive back up the narrow, one lane road.

In the distance , a cop car appeared over a small rise. The car saw it and made a break for it. When wee saw there was going to be a chase, Paul and I ran out of the store and into the road to watch. We were knee deep in mud in seconds. The car got away because the cop could not get over the rise onto the road. Wee went back inside and as we did so, it turned into Amunneal. I walked to my desk to do so work. I was alone in the voice. Then Dan w came in, then Mr, then Rod then Steve L.

Then Caryn L walked into the office with two other girls and the girl from the painting. As they walked in, I got a call, so they hung around talking to Dan and Marylin.

Cork was at the shore house and and was the one who called to tell me Griff was coming up for the week. I said fine, but he said Scott was pissed off I was there and he did not want me to return. I told cork that he knew I was there, and I most certainly would return. Cork then said that Keith was coming with him, so they would probably both be too stoned to notice anything. anyway.

I hung up and went to neXt the girls. Dan said to me, very surprised, You know these girls? I said sure and this one is my girlfriend, the painting girl. He said well alright and then we laughed and I left the office.

We got outside and the entire lot was being turned into a junk yard. We walked up to the edge of the parking lot and looked below us. Stretching for miles into the distance, was thousands of wrecked cars, just disappearing into the horizon.

We hung out for a bit. Adam was there now with us, talking with the foreman. The foerman wore a white hard hat, a blue t-shirt and jeans.
We all then got into our cars and followed each other out of the lot.

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