Stealin’ the Angel’s Share

Stealin’ the Angel’s Share – (Listen)

He walks into the bar and makes last call
Dressed to the nines, string tie and all,
Honky Tonk plays on the juke
he mindlessly taps his boot
looking like an angel before the fall.

Its been a long ride on a wagon without hay
the ticket was free but man the price he paid
all those lonely years
drowning in a sea of tears
it all comes to an end today’s the day.

 The scotch is poured he sits and stares
    he grabs the glass without a care
    he closes his eyes and tosses back…… the angel’s share.

He staggered out of the bar too drunk to see
found his truck and fumbled wiith his keys
too drunk to think or feel
he shouldn’t be behind the wheel
you can’t out run your destiny

 The line is crossed he’s unaware
    when he hits the other car he cannot care
    for the little girl with the golden hair …… he killed the angel’s share

He comes to his senses, in a familiar cell
he’s got no memory, and its just as well
he’ll find out soon enough
that justice is rough
just another leg on his journey to hell.

The verdict read guilty, in the first degree
its not the first time, so they’ll never set him free
he knows what he must do
but this time he’ll see it through
he can’t take any more of his misery

he looks for the guard who is not there
    a noose around his neck and up on a chair
    he takes his life but for his final act……… he steals the angel’s share

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