Theatre of Blood – Dream within a Dream

January 1994

(This was a dream within a dream inside a dream.)

I initially dreamed I was reading a long novel, War & Peace or something. It was early in the morning before I decide to go to bed.

I then have a dream. (I was aware I was dreaming.)

I dreamed Dave G and I were involved in something outside Indian hills. There was a pep rally and Dave and I had to enter the building to get something. The hallways were normal at first, but then changed. They became real bright like a hospital hallways, everything was white and there were people mulling about everywhere. I remember trying to focus on one person, but when I did, the hallway became dark and dirty, but when I turned away, it was bright and clean again.

A young girl in a nurse’s outfit appeared and led us into a large room. There were people behind us shouting at us, but we could not understand what they were saying. We entered into a large movie theater. The isle stretched out before us 100 yards. On either side, were red plush seats. Halfway towards the front of the theater – there was a stage not a screen   – the seat to either side were empty. When we reached the middle, we started to get a close look at the people sitting down. Some were just sitting, some had removed seats-tore them right out of the floor – and were laying down with each other. All of the people were naked and it looked as if they were operating on themselves. Men and women both with scalpels in their hands were cutting organs and intestines out of their bodies and switching it with others. They were in obvious pain, but they continued to do so. The floors were covered with blood and pieces of flesh and organs -it was disgusting. (All along, remember, I knew, in my dream, that this was a dream.)

Closer to the stage, people were just sitting around waiting for the show or whatever to begin. (Here there was a brief callback to another dream where I was behind stage somewhere, but its too vague to remember.) The crowd was mostly our age and Dave and I grabbed a seat with them.

Presently, a woman took the stage, sat on a stool and started speaking about something, I don’t recall exactly what it was but, I think it was sexual in nature. I turned towards Dave and he was suddenly three rows away from me talking to some girls. I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned to see a brunette. In a second, I was making out with her.

In a few minutes, we stopped and I realized she had LSD on her lips and I was now tripping. I started to panic and looked over to Dave and saw that he was totally wasted on a trip and just laughing and laughing.

I got very paranoid. I started to think the whole theater was looking at me a laughing. I then started to hear Dave talk about me and make fun of me saying stuff like, Watch him man, he can’t handle it.

I then felt popcorn hitting me and when I turned to look, I did not see who was throwing it. I was hit again, then turned and saw that it was a biker throwing it at me. When we made eye contact, he jumped up, grabbed me and dragged me away from the seat so he could kick my ass.

We went into a small gym and he held me against a wall and started throwing punches and round house kicks at me. Somehow I was able to just stick my hand out and block each one. He got mad and punched and kicked faster and harder, but it became easier for me to block them.

At this point I woke up… in the dream. I turned on the light and saw that my bedroom door open and windows wide open. It was the middle of the day and it freaked me out. Dave entered the room and sat down – it was my apt in Philly – and I began to tell him of my dream I had with him in it. Someone else walked in but I don’t know whom. So I told Dave of the dream, and remembering it and telling him of the gory details and the weirdness of it, I – the actual sleeping me – became freaked out. I knew I was dreaming, and that I woke up and was still dreaming, but it got too weird thinking about this fact, so I forced myself awake for real.

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