AC/DC & Rosie??

March 1994

I was with Adam at a house party when we stated talking about AC/DC. He said he did not like them and I was intent on showing him the err of his ways. We went downstairs and it was now Caryn L basement and AC/DC was playing there. Now it was Dave G next to me not Adam.

I was up on the floor next to Angus watching him play and Dave was dragged from the floor by a roadie who said the floor was for real fans. I was the only one on the floor.

The band stopped playing and I looked over and saw Dave with a girl. I then turned around to walk away, but a girl stopped right in front, of me and said she wanted to blow me. She was not pretty but had a great body so I said sure.

We walked up the stairs, past Barry L was was very drunk. He hugged both of us.

We got upstairs and we could not find a place secluded enough. We walked around for a while and my buzz wore off and I did not want anything do to with this girl. I said I had to got the bathroom, and once in there, climbed out the window.

I walked down the street and I saw her following me. I went to Mike’s house, but just as I was to go inside, she saw me. She was ugly and hideous. I was running down Roosevelt and I tuned up second street and dove into the bushes on Connelly’s lawn. She came around the corner in a white Camaro (Lisa) and saw me as she drove by.

I quickly got up and ran into Madaska’s yard and got hung up talking to Jill or Chrissy in their driveway.

In the meantime, I knew that the Camaro would be around the block in no time.

I left the girls and made it to my house. I stood on the steps of the house looking through the mail as she passed me by. My dad then opened the door and said Grandma died. (I remember having to think if this was true or not. She had died previously.)

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