Hostage Situation & Urkle

March 1994

(This dream was surely connected with the tv movie I saw with John Boy from the Waltons as a guy holding a class room hostage.)

Me and a huge group of people were hostages somewhere.

Eventually we were taken to a huge mall, where we were to be kept for awhile. The mall was a huge sprawling complex, 6 stories tall. Most of is was windows from top to bottom, some parts were the whitest marble. Inside there were escalators which went of forever.

Larry M was there with a bullhorn directing the hostages-there were thousands of them. Larry was telling everyone that we were all in a recreation of the hostage scene we were just part of.

The next thing I remember we were walking down the hallway of the mall. It now looked like a big school until you got to an intersection and then the space was wide open and you could see miles of marble and sky. We passed doors in the hallway and several people entered random doors as we did so. I was at the head of the procession and kept looking back and seeing the group shrink.

When the group dwindled to about 20, I turned back forward and saw that we were outside walking on clear ground towards a river.

Urkle (the one and only utrkel) was there and now he was way up ahead with 18 of the group of 20. They were distributed on rafts upon the river. I then turned around and saw I was on a raft with someone I had no idea who. We were not on water yet though. We were just gliding along on this strange surface. The surface then started to crack and separate, and between each crack was water. The entire scene looked like an M.C. Escher drawing: we were on the ground over patches of ground expanding and separating into water, which was contracting and squeezing out the ground.

We were straggling behind the rest. Suddenly the group up ahead went around a bend and fell off a water fall. I looked at the surface of the river and each piece of ground now looked like logs and branches in big floating beaver damns. We paddled, or somehow made our way to the other side of the river for the bank. I don’t know how we did it. As the kid with me reached up and tried to reach for thee shore a snake leaped out and grabbed him. Suddenly the entire raft was swarming with snakes. I don’t know what happened after that, I must have lost consciousness because I came to about hundred miles from where we initially made our way to-but now I was completely alone. No buddy or snakes.

I was unharmed and physically fine, but I was mentally a wreck. (I suddenly realized I was dreaming but I thought I was dreaming about a shopping mall. Its as if I really did black out in knowing I was dreaming!)

I got out of the boat to look for my buddy and ran up into the woods that were nearby.

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