Pot, Alps and a Blonde Afro

January 1994

I was running down Lakeshore Road in Oakland in the summer time with a raft in my hands and I was about to jump on to it and surf on the gravel in the road, but there was a traffic jam, so I l took the little side street that loops around it. I was now in my car and there was another car following me which I was watching, but I soon forgot it. I came out of the street, and was back on foot with my raft. I gravel surfed down the hill and at the bottom, John R. and Paul w were waiting for me. It was now winter time and everything was covered in snow. We got into John’s car and Paul passed me back a joint.

The next thing I know, I was driving to a cottage alone to the Swiss Alps. I was driving on a road which was real high in the air. I then found myself coming home from the trip and up ahead, the road became one with a large mansion’s roof. The roof was very steep and I had the choice of taking the left or right side. (This is a callback. In another dream I took the right side and made it`, so I did so again.)

I was now on the roof which was covered with ice and snow and driving too fast. I got to the end and could not make the turn and started falling to my death. For a split second, I saw myself sitting in the car as it plummeted and I had a blonde Afro. (I remember thinking I should wake myself, but I fought it off.)  As I was about to hit the ground, I suddenly found myself at my desk at work, only the desk was in the middle of a apple orchid of some kind. I was positioned off to the side of a dirt road which intersected the orchard. Marylin R and Adam were there and they walked past my desk looking shocked and when I looked down, I noticed I was smoking a joint. I quickly pout it away. They said something about being high, but I did not feel high.

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