Raptors & Truman Field

March 1994

I was in a slummy part of Center City chasing Debbie. It was a hot sunny day and I was running down dirty alleys, under tractor trailers, through lumber yards trying to keep her in my sight without being seen. At one point, I turned the corner and saw her run into an abandoned house. I watched her run to the house in slow motion across the open field. I knew that her boyfriend was chasing her as well and he was behind me a little ways. I kept turning my head from Debbie’s slow motion running, to the corner behind me expecting to see him appear into view. Debbie made it into the house without being seen so I figured she would be okay for a while and left the scene.

I walked behind the house and upon reaching a river, looked down and saw Truman Field. I went down to the field and saw Kathy S. Rod G and Debbie D handing things out on the field. The day was sunny and warm, the field was very green and very soft. I was walking with Rod around the back stop talking about something which I cannot remember. There were people on the mountain tossing things down on our heads.

The next thing I know, I was in a house with someone, Debbie F I believe. We were in the living room and raptors were after us. She left the room and I hid behind a large piece of steel. A small raptor came in and smelled me but did not know where I was. A larger one now entered, knew where I was, but could do nothing.

I somehow got out, and carried Debbie out of the house. It was hot and raining and I started looking for a familiar place to put up for the night. I was walking around the street, when suddenly I was in a shopping mall looking for a door to get out. Mike was suddenly with me, and we exited through a door, but saw that it was the wrong one, so turned around and reentered.

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