Simpson’s Noir

March 1994

Dreamnt I was in a film noir Simpsons. It involved Homer at work. He was in a large warehouse and it was up in the rafters where all the desk were. There were even cubicles all sectioned out up there. I was working with him. He had fallen asleep and woke up well after quitting time. The lights were out and from our view, he looked down upon the entire warehouse floor-very vast and empty.

A burglar crept in and Homer said to hide under my desk. I did so. He tried to sneak out by crawling away, but his foot hit a piece of metal bar which fell from the rafters, hitting another rafter which then caused a chain reaction of events ending with a huge crate falling, thus, trapping the burglar. Homer was a hero.

There were some other detail which almost linked some of my ideas (my real Simpson ideas) to this, but I cannot remember them. All I remember is talking to someone possibly Griffel about how no one would remember me being there thus I could write it as a script.

(I then consciously tried to think this out as an idea, based on some idea of the other things in the dream I had forgotten to remember, but it didn’t happen)

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