Uma Thurman and KD Lang

January 1994

I was home in Oakland waiting to go to school, High School. I HAD just returned home and Laura had a new red car in the driveway, a neon? and my dad had none.

I went to my room and wanted to masturbate before leaving but kept getting interrupted. First my dad came in with a plate of lettuce and meat for me to eat. Then Max called and wanted a ride to school. He said he was at the back of his house so I should drive across the river and honk over there where he could see me. I told him to wait buy the front of his house.

Mike then came over with his guitar and started playing. He played the solo to Limelight, an old Van Halen song, (which I cannot name) and started playing You Shook Me by AC/DC, but I told him it was wrong. He said look, and on his guitar, on the neck, were labeled all the different notes and chords of the song. He said if you look up in the dictionary the beginning of the song, there would be a picture of his fingers in this position.

Mike and I left for school on my bike. We stopped at a clothes store because I needed a shirt. I was walking out, not finding a shirt, and I saw Mike paying for a key chart. The clerk said to Mike the rest of it would arrive in two weeks.

We walked out and mike was trying to unlock the bike. He forgot the combination. I told him, and realized that someone nearby hear it. I turned to him, then to mike and said, ‘remember that face!’.

The next thing I know I was hanging out behind a college dorm, very Stockton like. Uma Thurman was there and I really wanted her. It was day time. I went over to her and started talking to her. Her best friend was KD Lang. (I dreamt this because I saw an interview with Lang about how he was to do a video with Uma on a chopper behind her and because Lang is a lesbian, she was more than ready to do it.) We were all talking when a fire alarm rang out. They said they were volunteer firefighters and after the fourth ring, they decided they really should go. Lang left so I could ask Uma for her number and Uma said she would go into her room to get it.

Standing at her window, I looked in and saw 50 girls packed into a little dorm room. They were just talking and listening to records. I looked over at the record player and saw that Steven Wright was selecting the next album.

Uma and Lang came out and we started walking away. We were on Dogwood street walking towards Rt 202.

We got to the corner, she took out a pen and pad and asked my number. I told her and then she gave me hers, 534-1000. (I guess I should call that number huh?) She then ran along to catch up with Lang.

I went to my car and saw Caryn’s car behind mine. I got into mine and there was an empty six pack in the floor by my feet along with two pair of moccasins and a lot of other garbage. It was an effort to get my feet on the pedals. I also had a full six pack between my legs.

I started the car and took off without looking in the rear view mirror, and glancing to my left saw a police car driving right next to me. He’d obviously been watching me from the start.

I then realized that I was very buzzed. I looked up, it was night, and I was driving into a curb. I knew first I would hit the curb,then the cop would arrest me. I did not want that to happen at all, so I forced myself awake.

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