Wooden Cart and Stamina

January 1994

Liz and another girl were all sitting on a bed in a condo in VT.We all decided to have an orgy. Dave started to fuck Liz, and me and Caren fucked, and John and the other girl. Chevy Chase just sat there talking to a bunch of people in the same room on the floor watching.

I was not enjoying myself with Caren and was looking forward to Liz. She was not digging Dave at all. We all finished about the same time. I looked up and saw Liz sitting there naked and with a big smile on my face, held my arms out to her. She smiled and crawled over to me and said, Can I be on the bottom? She was on top with Dave and was tired. I said sure. (There is an condom commercial where a condom is walking around.)

Liz is waiting and I put the rubber on which had walked over and jumped onto the bed. A reported asks Chevy when he is going to fuck someone and he looked over and said, John, you ready?

I started kissing Liz and find she is a great kisser, but then I noticed her tongue turns into sandpaper, so I stop kissing her. I start fingering her, and she is wet as hell, but then she drys and I feel lumps in her snatch, so I stop.

So I start fucking her and its great and she says that she is about to come for the first time in her life. As I’m fucking her, I’m staring at the wall and seeing images of an old wooden cart, rolling down a wide green field. The faster the cart goes, the more excited I get, closer to coming. So, to make the cart go slower, I start envisioning obstacles in its path – birds, rocks, trees, anything which needs to be avoided. The more obstacles, the slower the cart, the softer my cock. So I lose some obstacles to speed the cart up. This repeats itself for some time.

Suddenly, we are finished. I lay down next to john and he asks me how it was. I said it was OK, and then Liz jumps on me and begs for more.

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