Ghosts of Ewoks in my Head – The Force Awakens

..another death star?  really?!! we know these things suck and fall apart every movie, why is the dark side still building death stars?  major flaws man, major flaws, whose building these?  Halliburton?

I jest of course, maybe, maybe not.  I liked the movie.  It was light years better than the last three of course! So much a better tone and in many ways well made, and Harrison even rose to the challenge…that’s coming from me! I think he’s one of the worst actors in hollywood, but he rose up.  good for him.  I didn’t believe him, but he rose up.

so over all, hey…i liked it, BUT i can’t resist picking.

Aren’t we tired of the desert planet markets and traders in junk?
Did we need another R2D2?  a scrappy doo?

I really did like the new bad guy, but does he have to report to a badder guy again, same dynamic as before.  We’ve seen it.

And does the bad guy have to be related?  What’s wrong with this family?!!! They need serious counseling! and should not reproduce.

Good guys sneak in and drop sheilds for the main resistance attack.  Again?

New death star is as big as a planet, but good guys running into each other like “hey” there she is? remarkable.

I cringed when i saw the forest scenes.  Ghosts of ewoks in my head.

And no, I don’t buy or cannot relate to Tracy Morgan running around the set.

Another wacky bar scene with wacky band?!!!  Why are these bands playing in the middle of the day?  Does this world have nights?

Last but not least….STORMTROOPERS!  Still the worst army in the world.

I’m out.

All in good fun!!


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