Roller Blading & Newscasters

June 1994

I was rollerblading in Philly down Deveruax Street. In the dream, I remember Debbie telling me where she lived, in a condo on Deveroux (Not true) and I bladed past it. She also said she now drove a 280zx (true) and I was rolling around the lot looking for it. I found it, the windows were open and the keys in it, but then left.

I was then cruising all around when I realized I was a feature in a story about rollerblading. As I bladed, I heard a female announcer talking about the sport and how dangerous it can be in a city where the only places you can blade is on the roads and highways. She kept telling of accidents and spills, and each time she did, she expected me to fall, but it was always someone else I passed who fell, not me.

I was cruising down twisting roads, past one obstacle after the next. Bicyclists were crashing and I was not. It got to the point people were trying to made em fall-namely the broadcasters so they can prove their point. At one point, I was blading down a steep hill, when gravel appeared out of nowhere. The road then changed to a dirt road. It was full of large craters and banks of tree roots and ditches, but I was blading past it all. It was not pretty, but I did not fall or slow down. At the end of the road, were another crew of broadcasters with cameraman, lights, a backdrop and everything. I knew it was just a ploy to give me another obstacle, and with little difficulty I just got by them, when I realized that they were standing at the edge of the road -there was a twenty foot drop just past them. At the last second, I grabbed something, a tree root maybe and sort of half bladed, half repelled down the cliff, then my momentum carried my up the other side without a hitch.

I flew up the far side of the cliff and was on another photo shot of some kind, some kind of promotion. There was a mock country store and porch set up and there was a half naked girl laying on her stomach as the model. As I came upon them, I grabbed on of the porch railings, slowed myself and landed on the porch, slide my finger down the girls spine, from head to small of the back, then continued on down the road.

I was now just off on my own, blading real fast and evenly. A girl shot past me on blades and said, Nice strokes. Nice ass. I realized it was the girl from the shoot and I raced to catch up with her.

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