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On the Road…
On_the_Road_Scotland_Booth Scribblings from the road…spacerFlickering Images
“The Godfather”, “Seven Samurai”, “The Bicycle Thief”,.. I don’t write reviews on any of these.
Pennsylvania Hermit Amos Wilson Title Page
“Directions to Mankind how they may be Happy in a “MISERABLE WORLD!”
Rhythm & Bones
Have a listen to the debut album of R&B!spacerParsing Palimpsests
So many great books… none of them reviewed here.spacerCrude Toons
A picture …uh… sometimes tells the story…
Rant and RamblesRanting-Homer copy
Because who doesn’t like a nice rambling rant once in a while? Boy do I miss Dennis Miller…spacerMusical MusingsGuitar_1
It used to be about the music… 

Journeyman’s Dream JournalRanting-Homer copy
All that we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream.  

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