Confessions of a Police Clown

From the team that will bring you “The Beach”, Graham Newman and Ambrose Wolfinger will do it again! Meet the unusual suspect and heroes of their newest creation “Confessions of a Police Clown”.

Confessions of a Police Clown. Law. Order. Pies.

Plot Summary:
New York City, 1973. Lieutenant Buddy Laughs of the Police Clown unit squares off against a rising crime wave, a drug epidemic and growing anti-clown and racial tension. Struggling for respect can he protect his city, his family and his past? Law. Order. Pies.

Its 1973, the 60’s are long over and racial tension among the usual “regs” (Whites, Blacks, Asians, Puerto Ricans) and the Clowns is palpable in the city. Clowns are like everybody else but with some stereotypical traits; pale skin, big hands, huge feet, big noses and color in their faces, clothes, afros and slicked back hair. But their color is drained and their features banged up from trying to get ahead in overcrowded inner city neighborhoods which is all the more difficult when your nose squeaks when punched, or you get drunk off seltzer, or helium in balloons gives you a dangerous high. Good jobs are scarce, inflation high and the streets are rough.

Years ago, in an attempt at diversification, the city police force created a Police Clown Unit headed up by Bufford Bolger, the very first police clown. Today Bufford is Captain of the regular police force and his apprentice and very close friend Lt. Buddy Laughs now heads up the PC Unit.

The PC Unit faces challenging times. An urban crime wave rises with late summer heat, a new drug call “H” (helium mixed with heroin) has flooded the streets and a rumor of organized crime with a “Dark Mime” enforcer is gripping the city. And on top of this, its an election year and the reg Mayor’s platform of anti-clown legislation looks to get him re-elected.

A terrible time to be a clown, especially a police clown with a dark secret to hide and a misfit team of fellow officers including a Mime, a ventriloquist and his dummy and the heavily armed midgets of the S.Q.U.A.T. Unit; all sworn to protect and serve.

Confessions of a Police Clown. Law. Order. Pies.

Confessions_of_a_Police_Clown_by_Chris_Zeth and John Corcoran