Journeyman’s Library

I recently succumbed to the overwhelming need to catalog my entire library before it is lost to posterity. As I scanned very often scanned and perused my books, reaching out at random to sniff then scan the pages of a “..random novel of forgotten lore..” an unofficial count in my head of how man I have read and how many I have yet to have had the pleasure of doing so, was always around 70%, 65% if I was being honest. Post my cataloging mania, I now have the true percentage as documented below.

So first things first, I have read far many books than I own (why I feel the need to state this is beyond me) but my current Journeyman Library currently consists of 965 books, as you can see by the table below.
This table lists my books in order of the bookshelf with the most books. The “Top Ten” categories feel right, aligned to what I am most interested in reading about, although I would have been happy to see “Film” make the top honors.

As far as which category of books I have actually read, well that is represented in the table below.

I am really not sure what the next two graphs represent, but they look cool right?

Interesting I suppose to see ones lifelong passion of reading experiences and unforgettable characters and cherished moment come down to raw numbers.. but in this day and age its all about the data right?

Two takeaways for me from this exercise:

  1. I need to buy 35 more books to round up to 1,000 books do I not?
  2. I will commit to reading my way to 100% before my demise.. or die trying


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