“I was Born…

… lucky me.”
– Ray Davies

This site was first created a long, long time ago, 1995-ish. Its very original inspiration was the “Sweets of Solitude” of which you can learn more within this site.

Seclusion King

Self Portrait, 2012

It quickly transformed into a spot to share random scribblings, thoughts, ideas, book and film reviews, ramblings and rants and riffs, images and doodles. In the years that followed the site perished only to be reborn to perish yet again… and again.  Sadly, with each rise and fall bits and pieces of it were lost along the way.

With each reincarnation of the site, I would  establish new objectives, new angles and pursue new visions of what the site will be.

In this year 2012, Seclusion.com rises yet again…..

Feedback, as always, is welcome.


Willy, [email protected]
a.k.a. Graham Newmann
a.k.a Journeyman
a.k.a. John Galt