Angry Data

June 1994

I’m with Data in a strange home on a distant plant. Everything is normal, when suddenly, Data’s eyes dilate, and he cocks his head and remains motionless for a moment. I get a little scared, it not a friendly look on his face, then he takes off, he starts to run around the house-really fast. I take cover in the stairwell to the basement. The house is dark and quiet, and every couple of seconds, a flash wizzs by me like a blur. Its data just running.

Back on the ship, or space station, Geordie and I are trying to figure out what it is. As we are discussing it, Data occasionally pauses and gets that look in his dilated eyes. After several occasions, we realize that there is a steam release valve somewhere on station and it release of steam is the cause. Just as we realize this, it happens again, and now Data freeze, but slowly extends his arm and takes hold of me. He draws me closer to him, then turns my back towards him, then his right arm comes slamming down across my chest with full android force.

I force myself to awake.

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