Amusement Ride Defies Gravity

June 1994

I went to to AC for the day. We got off the bus on the main road, two block from the ocean and it was windy as hell. It was summer and incredibly windy. Between some buildings and a multi-level parking garage/bus depot we could see part of the ocean and a raised boardwalk on the other side of the ocean. There was a huge electronic billboard on the boardwalk, and just as we all turned to look at the rough ocean waves, the billboard blew off its supports and toppled in the ocean. The billboard was like two storied tall. We all ran to see what would happen next.

We all found ourselves separated running along the ocean/river or thought the depot, or whatever. I was watching the billboard float away for awhile and followed it for a bit, then turned to catch up with everyone, but found no one. I wandered around for a bit, then came upon the girls at a small table in the lower level of the depot, below me doing shots. I ran down to join them, did a shot, then left to find whoever else.

I then walked down another flight of stairs and saw Keith sitting on a wooden crate with a beer. He was just hanging out waiting for Dave G to come back. Don Gerin from Amuneal was there getting something for Keith.

I walked away towards a door and reaching it, I saw it looked as if I was in a second story window overlooking Phila. I went from the sub basement in AC to Phila. There was a circle fountain in the middle of an intersection of traffic and pedestrians. It was an overcast, grey day. Just past the fountain there was an amusement ride like the swings. It was really large and the swings were very long. I stood on the steps leading to the door and watched the ride spin. Dave G walked up and joind me, then eventually all the girls walked up the stairs and joined us, then Keith and Don met up from inside. We all stood and watched the ride in action.

The was pone guy on the ride with a long shock of red hair. It was trailing out behind him three feet. He was screaming loudly, one continuous cry. It was half real half joking. A larger crowd had now gathered and we were all watching the ride and specifically this screaming guy.

The swings got longer and longer and then the ride began to slow down. The swings were more or less parallel to the ground, but as it slowed, they did not respond to gravity. The ride slowed and eventually came to a stop and the guy with the red hair stopped right in front of the steps. We could reach out and touch him if we so choose. He saw us and laughed, then we laughed.

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