Arnold Schwarzenegger Action Dream

May 1994

(I was in a lake swimming up to a small rowboat. It was sunny and warm. I the boat was Arnold Schwarzenegger He was handcuffed and and guarded by two armed thugs and the driver of the boat. I heard the driver say, “..getting out of this one.,” and Arnold just got up and the two guards fell out of the boat and conveniently disappeared. He then, with his feet, grabbed the driver by the neck and broke it, then tossed him overboard. He jumped in to the water and asked me to throttle the boat in neutral which I did, He then went under the boat and put his hands up to the propeller and broke his handcuffs. He then surfaced and we pushed the now inflatable boat across the lake away from the shoreline and screaming people on the shoreline.

We got to the other side of the lake (it was similar to Crystal Lake). There were houses and a picket fence in front of us. We pulled the boat out of the water and shredded it with the fence so no one could use it. We ran across the street, jumped a couple of fences and entered a house. There was a girl doing dishes in the kitchen and we quietly sneaked by her and went upstairs into the master bedroom. We were trying on clothes to disguise ourselves when two huge, muscular guys entered and went right for Arnold. I was able to sneak away.

I got outside on the streets and I was now in Britain. The cobblestone roads, the fog, the British police and palace guards, and the double Decker buses. No one bothered me. I heard a commotion behind me by a bus parked at the curb. I turned to see Arnold standing there arguing with two woman. One of the woman was Meg Ryan, the other I did not know. Meg was about to get on the bus but Arnold stopped her. She was now screaming at him and to the police to have him arrested, but suddenly, Arnold turned into Dennis Quaid and told Meg she was pregnant with his baby. She cried with happiness, they hugged, and I turned my back and walked out of the picture.

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