Chris Robinson, Green Skylark and Bugs

May 1994

I was walking across a bridge of cement in the sun and ran into Chris Robinson from the Black Crows. He was dressed in this blue smock thing and wore blue glasses. He was walking in front of me and singing a new song. There was a part of it which was a copy of another song, (I remember it in the dream) and I stopped him to tell him he copied that. He took off his glasses and said “I know.”

I was driving on Cottman Avenue, West, past the clover and Caster intersection and it suddenly became night. I was driving towards what I recognized as the airport auto mall. Everything was completely black a flat for miles and all I saw from time to time was a large lighted auto dealer sign. I had to piss really bad but could not see where to turn off the road.

did not have a car so I had to go back to Oakland to get one.(Although it was not Oakland I went to.) There was a house on a corner of a quiet street. All around the house were very tall trees full of leaves. There were no other houses nearby, just land with lots of trees. I approached the house from behind and walked down the street on the left of the house, the house was thus on the right hand side of the corner. The street I was on dead-ended just past the house, then turned right to pass in front of the house. Lining this street all you could see were leaves, no tree trunks, no gaps between them, just a solid wall of leaves lining the street.

I stopped at the side of the house and on my left, a little ways up the road, I saw my old skylark. I only saw it just now but I knew it was there all along. It was parked on the right side of the street, facing me, and the leaves were overgrowing it.

I went up to the car and there was a guy in it. He was about my height, really curly shoulder length brown hair which was sticking out everywhere. He also wore very thick glasses. He said he had been waiting in the car for years and asked me to sit in the car with him so he could explain. I did, so he started.

With the doors closed, he began his story. He said he worked for the government and was employed to watch over this car. He said you could not park a car in the street for such a long period of time unattended. He was hired to watch over it. He was given everything he needed, all the money he could want, and although he did not say this here but somewhere else, he said they also brought him girls to fuck in the back seat.

As he was telling me all this info, I noticed a lot of ants, and bugs and spiders crawling all around the inside of the car. It was terrible, they were everywhere. I started to stamp them with my feet, but there was just too many. I opened the door and more flooded into the car and I got out. He did as well. He said there were so many bugs because of the leaves that were overgrowing the car. I asked him why he did not just move the car and he said he could not because he needed the owner’s permission: namely me.

I told him, “well let’s move it.”

The house had a single car garage, obviously not mine, so we pushed the car down the road a bit, then turned it around and pushed it into the driveway. I was in the drivers seat and noticed the breaks were terrible, they grinded and did not work. (I also noticed that the car had a hand brake between the seats, a small discrepancy. Look at me, I pointing this out and not saying a second word about the bugs!)

So, I remember talking with this guy in my garage for a bit, getting to know him. (I knew who he was when I woke, but now forget.)

Eventually we got the car running and was ready to take it on a test drive. Suddenly, a group of friends came by and that’s all I remember.

(The neighbor hood was John R’s)

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