Hanging With Dennis Miller and Jack Lemon

April 1994

I was walking around a Hoboken like town on New Year’e Eve with Denis Miller and Jack Lemon. Dennis was the only one who new where he was going. We walked into a garage as a short cut to another part of town. There were a couple of mechanics, they knew Dennis, so let us pass. We had to be careful for some equipment dangerously left on the floor still running, but we made it through

We came out onto the street and it was raining. We ducked into a bar to go to the bathroom and Dennis and I went in. Jack stayed outside. The room was a small triangle coming to a point as you go deeper in. There was a tiny sink and mirror and we washed up. He left first and I finished and went to join them outside.

When I went outside on the sidewalk to meet them, it was just Jack. He said Dennis never came out. I turned to get back in, but it was now packed. I asked the bouncer if Dennis had entered, and he said he saw him go up the street.

Jack and I started up the street, aimless. We had no idea where to go. Jack was drunk so he did not care.

We passed a house having a party and through the picture window a woman was looking at us. Jack made a very obscene gesture and I panicked because a lot of people in the house saw it. They all went to the door before we could escape and the woman came out. She looked at us both, and invited jack in, but not me.

I did not know what to do. I decided to go home. I walked back heading for the garage. I got there and saw the two mechanics outside around back. They were fooling around and they saw me and stopped. The said hi, we spoke for a bit and I told them I lost Dennis and was going home. I started down the stairs to the garage to cross where we had earlier. It was a narrow brick staircase with iron railings and ivy growing all around. Halfway down, the two looked at each other, then at me and said that this was actually a long way home and I should go back up and continue on past. They said Dennis did this as a joke.

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