Reckless Bus Driving Me

April 1994

I was a bus driver of a yellow school bus. (This is a callback to another dream because I remember driving and the passengers I will pick up.)

I was driving on small town streets and passed a crossing guard who told me to stop. I pulled the bus over, left it running and went to talk to her.

She said there were many complaints registered about my driving, I was running stop signs, speeding, reckless, etc., and that she was going to ride with me today to evaluated my performance. While we talked, a group of people came up to use speaking Russian. One person spoke broken English and he said they were all in training for American chess tournament and wanted us to teach them English. They each pushed pamphlets in our faces, but we said we had to go and walked away.

We walked back to the bus and when we got on, so did about 6 passengers. No one in particular I recognized, except for the fact that I had seen them in a previous dream.

We started off and I just floored it and took off. I was barreling through the street. Just missing parked cars, driving through stop signs, which the guard noticed and said to me, and screaming around corners.

I came to one turn and made it and realized I was in a small alleyway of some kind. Garbage cans and clothes lines and cars and what not were scattered all about and I was swerving and weaving my way thought it all at top speed without hitting a thing. The passenger were screaming and tossed from side to side of the bus.

I drove though a few more alleys and side streets (It kinda looked like Amuneal neighborhood) and I was heading right for a large white wall in the middle of the road. I have no idea what it was. I was barreling right for it and knew I was not going to stop in time. I next noticed myself outside the front of the bus trying to hold it back and stop it. I was being pushed along towards the wall, feet sliding on the pavement. The passengers were all up by the windshield looking down at me waiting to see if we were going to stop in time and to see if I would be squashed.

The bus came to a stop three feet from the wall. We stopped.

The passengers came out of the bus and the guard walked up to me and said I handled that well but I’m fired.

I walked away, aimlessly walking up the street when I looked up and saw a pizza delivery man. We saw each other then looked to our right and saw a woman by her apt door. She was locked out and was completely naked. The pizza guy took the pizza out of the box he was carrying and dropped it on the street. He then went to the girl and wrapped the box around her.

I watched this, then walked away up the street.

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