Macy Day Balloons & Batman

January 1994

(Batman the movie ripoff.)

I was Batman without the costume. Two villains were huge inflatable Macy day balloons. The

The first one attacked but I came in flying without a ship. I sent a grappling hook and caught the balloon – it was a man balloon by the way – just above the thigh. It ripped a hole in it and eventually ripped a gash across its side and started to fall to the ground.

The whole scene was dark and Burton-like and took place in Times square area  – skyscrapers towering into the night, moon reflecting off everything.

As the balloon came crashing down, I grabbed one of its arms. It was behaving like a machine gun, spitting out bits a debris and material and things at the spectators. I was wrestling with it trying to point it away from people. It was propelling me down the street, past many buildings. As I approached a Street corner, I saw the second balloon coming at me from a side street. I thought I could use the gun to shoot her down, this time it was a girl, but as I got the arm pointed, it deflated, leaving me defenseless.

Suddenly I was in my car driving away from her in and out of sided streets. She was pushing buildings down on top of me like dominoes.

I was barely able to make it out from under neath one building, when another one came crashing down, she was toying with me.

Suddenly, they weren’t buildings any more but wire mesh storage lockers you finds at YMCAs. The I wasn’t driving but crawling. I crawled away and out from underneath lockers as they crashed all around me, then found a door and slipped inside. It was a tiny little dorm room and I waited for her to come in and get me, but she ran on by.

Then a fat girl, the balloon in human form, knocked on the door. I was repulsed buy she wanted me. She led me down a hallway to another room. I new Paul W. had left for CA so I figured we could use his room. We got there and she wanted to come in and fuck, but I said no. Instead, I let her rub her tits against my cock until I was about to come, then told her to go.

I went into the room and saw right away it was Scott g. room not Paul’s. It was small, had two big dressers along one wall and a bed. Next to the door was a window and when I looked out of it, I saw the guy who played Kramer in the Seinfeld episode when they did the pilot. In the far room was a tv, vcr and porno tapes and magazines. I went over laughing and thinking Scott for leaving me all this stuff. I sat down and started to jerk off when I looked up and saw a hot girl waiting for me. She was real skinny and tan. No tits at all, very horny and hot just the same.

(This is a callback from another dream I had) She said the first time wee met was on a park bench. She told me she wanted to fuck but I was too shy., She had then given me this total opening line, but I did not follow through because I was too shy. (I remember this from a previous dream the exact way she told it. She was describing a past dream I had.)

I pulled her down. She began to undress herself then me. I was ready to fuck and asked her to take her pants off and she she they are under I looked down and saw that they were on, but pulled far enough back for me to enter. We did it, but all I remember was seeing her arch her back and displaying her tits.

After we did it, Scott came home,. He went right over to his tapes to make sure everything was there and then saw the girls and swept her off her feet in greeting. She was his girlfriends. He looked att me and said, “You did fuck her right? I mean, that is why I left her here.”

We were then watching tv sitting on the bed talking about Paul when Caryn L walked in. She sat down and told us Paul was in Boston, not CA. She said that the tv in Boston looks like snow.

I turned to Scott and his girl, (who did not look like Debbie) and asked what she meant. Caryn said ,”You know when the tv gets snowy?”

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