Invasion of the Body Snatchers – Redux

January 1994

(A take off from the Body Snatchers?)

I was living on a huge farm with my dad. One day I was out front of a large three story house when some girl came by. (I don’t know who she was, not familiar at all.) She came by with her new puppy and wanted to show my dad and I. I was working on something in the front yard and my dad was raking leaves in the back. She called up to his room in the house but I told her he was in back. She said no, she saw him coming up the road and enter the side door. I was curuious about this and instead of going in the house, I snuck around back.

Meanwhile, getting no answer from the house, she let the dog run in the yard and went into the barn for something.

I was in the woods at the back yard looking for my dad. As soon as I spotted him, I heard his voice coming from the front of the house, from his bedroom window. Right there, I knew he had been snatched. Suddenly, the puppy ran up besides me, then out of nowhere, an ugly snake crawled up and attached it and started to swallow it. The puppy cried, whined, and shrieked real loud. I looked up to my dad in the yard and saw the girl running up to him saying a snake was eating her dog. I looked back at the dog, and instead of a snake, I saw a man’s hand. Out from behind a bush, slowly developed the body of my dad. There were two dads.

In another dream I went shopping with Adam in a supermarket. A very wide isle and extremely bright market except for the deli section. It was near the deli where the dream took place.

It was a real Italian deli. The air reeked with the smell of smoked meats and spices, salami and all kinds of herbs hung from the ceiling. Adam and I and someone else, Chugger? were waiting for our food when someone I knew came running down the isle towards us like a hockey player. He was dress normal but had a stick and was shuffling a puck of some sort in front of him. It was known to all that this person and I did not get along. Zonza? He tossed me the puck and I threw it back at him. I threw it pretty hard and it hit him just above his chin. He was really pissed and whne I turned around to my friends he threw the puck at the back of my head. I then picked it up and tossed it lightly to the floor infront of him. I turned again, and he whipped it at me, but even harder. This time, I was pissed and everyone yelled at him to leave. They all told me what he did was unacceptable and I had the right to be mad. No one said I was at fault initially for the first hard throw. We left the deli and the next thing I know is Larry M. speaking with me about some anecdote like he does. (That’s not a rip.)

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