Whiffle Ball and Ysalamiri

February 1994

I was playing whiffle ball in front of my house with John R. We had just come out of Caryn’s and were mad at each other and decided to take out our frustrations in this fashion.

I stood just off to the side of the path next to my front steps and faced Caryn’s house and he stood on the wall and pitched. Someone sat on the steps and watched, maybe Caryn. John was just whipping the balls at me, super fast, but I just kept avoiding them waiting for one I could hit. I struck out a lot but I did not recall pitching.

I hit two balls into the street in front of Mann’s house for home runs and was winning 2-0. I remember hitting another that went straight behind me and landed in the driveway, and was heading for the right of way towards the fence, but hit a tree and bounded back onto the pavement of the driveway. John was right there to field it, but it was foul.

We stopped playing and two other guys joined us on the lawn and said we should stop this nonsense. We did and laughed about it.

Suddenly, I had to run into my back yard because some weird stuff was going on. Some people were being held in my basement whom I did not know. One of them needed help in recapturing his Ysalamiri (the creature in the Zhan Star Wars book) I went out to wait behind the big oak tree in my yard to try to trap it in a box. While I was waiting, I looked down into the hole where Scuffy used to sleep and saw a gameboy. I played for a little while when suddenly the Ysalamiri came running across the yard at me. It looked just like a mutt. It came over to me and it was very friendly and I played with it for a while.

I also remember something about playing down in the river, or looking for something down there with a whole crowd of people.

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