Snow in Italy & Corc-Fish

February 1994

I was walking down the street in Italy at night in the snow and I ran into Larry M. He was selling pretzels out of his car which was parked on the sidewalk half in the road. I approached him and he proudly showed me his set up.

Suddenly, like a movie, I saw a close up of a drunk driver coming down the road towards us. He was an old guy in a suit and loosened tie, taking a huge sip out of a flask. My point of view suddenly changed, and I now saw him ram Larry’s car. He hit it hard and drove it into a big snow bank.

We were all suddenly in a large shopping mall looking out through the glass doors at this driver trying to pull his car away from Larry’s. He slammed it into drive, then reverse, and pushed and pulled the car all around the now, inside of the mall, which was also covered with snow.A crowd gathered and I was yelling for the security guards as they walked towards us.

John R, Corc and I went into a bar we had never been in before. I t was obviously our first time and we were strangers. John went to get beers and Cork and I sat down on a bench next to a group of people. We were obvious outcasts, we just did not belong in this bar, so much so, that we were completely ignored. We weren’t looked at strangely or anything, just ignored completely.

Cork and I were sitting there awhile and I started up a conversation with a girls next to us with a boyfriend. She was friendly, and we spoke for a second and that was it. She was a redhead, artsy chick. John came back from the bar, but Cork was no where to been seen, but he was still at the bar. He was out of sight, but punching me in the leg behind my knee. I tried to ignore it because I did not want to cause a scene at a strange bar, but it was difficult. No matter what position I turned, or where I sat, Corc continued to punch me. The boyfriend of the girl said I should get Corc out of here because he was so drunk and out of control. So we left, I had to carry him out.

We got outside and it was the teachers parking lot at Indian Hills. I had Corc slung over my shoulder and we were walking towards my car which was parked on the ‘hill’. Halfway there, I told John I did not want to carry Corc anymore and he said to get rid of him. I took him off my shoulder and in my hands I was holding a big fish. I did not know what to do with it. I looked around and instead of trees planted to line the drive, I saw big tanks of water. I went up to one and tossed the fish in, but missed. I then ran. John passed me going the opposite direction and put the fish in the tank.

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