Debbie, Rock Posters & Old TV References

March 1994

I was with Debbie in a dark bar, an Irish Pub type place. She and I and another guy were hanging out. She introduced this other guy to me as a fried of hers. He was an older English gentlemen who played rugby.

He left the table to get a drink and Debbie looked at me and asked what I was thinking. I took her hand in mine and said, “I never stopped missing you”. She then said, “You know, I knew from the day we shared meatloaf on the beach that you were the one I loved, but it was not time for me. Now it is.” We just looked at each other and knew that from that moment on, we would be together.

Another guy came into the part of the bar and asked Debbie what the poster meant and why she was posed like that. She laughed it off and the guy walked away. I asked what poster he was referring to when the English guy returned with his drink.

A moment later, my question forgotten, another guy came over and just looked at Debbie. We all saw him, and after a few seconds, Debbie said “Yes it’s me alright.”

I asked her what this poster was that everyone was talking about and she said, “Jealous?” I said “No I just wanted to know”. She got up, told the English guy to explain and walked out of
the room. She was called away actually, she did not leave on bad terms. As I watched her leave I was thinking how I trusted her and knew we would stay togheter till the end.

The English guy explained that the poster was a rock promotion of some sort and Debbie was the model. He then asked if I wanted to play rugby with him sat and I said sure.

Just then, a friend of the English guy, came in with his two year old son. He set the boy down on the floor. I bent down to talk with hi. There was a tv playing in the bar and it was showing old clips of tv and movies and the like. He knew them all. We then sat a talked for a bit and the kid caught every reference I threw out at him. I was baffled.

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