Father Joe – The Man Who Saved my Soul – By Tony Hendra

Remember the film This is Spinal Tap? (How can you not!) Remember the band’s manager in the film, the blonde British bloke? That is Tony Hendra. He is probably better known as the editor of National Lampoons, but neither here nor there. Tony wrote a very enjoyable and touching book about a Catholic Priest he befriended as a teenager.

Father Joe was his moral beacon throughout the many varied journeys Tony embarked upon over the course of his career and his life. You can’t help but love Father Joe immediately upon encountering him for the first time. And as Tony writes of the digressions in his life and the years spent out of touch with him, you are right along side Tony in his heartfelt regrets for not spending more time with him. It makes you wish we all had a Father Joe in our lives.

It was very uplifting and I appreciate Tony sharing this with the world… I only hope it was for the right reasons.

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