Invisible Yet Chased

January 1994

I was invisible being chased by someone. I was following a girl who was leading me to safety. She was tall, big boned, but not fat or large, just nor petite. She had dirty red hair worn in a perm down to her mid-back. She was wearing a pair of jeans, a brown suede coat with a big fur collar on it. Suddenly, I was just running to catch up with her. It was night, winter, and there were big brown brick buildings lining the streets.

We came around a street corner under a street light-snow slanted through it and spiraled to the street. The road was wide and empty. We stopped and watched a vehicle drive past the corner.

She then grabbed my hands, smiled big, and kissed me. We fell to the grass on the side of the road against a building and I woke up.

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