Naked Protest

February 1994

I was driving into work in a real bad snow storm. (It was really snowing hard) I got there and everyone was pulling out of the lot to park in the street. I decided to park in the lot anyway. I pulled up next to the brick building sideways, backed up right to the corner of the it. I was right underneath the conference room window and saw a large group of people in there on line for their pay checks.

I went in and on everybody’s desk was a big yellow tag which you needed to claim your check. I grabbed mine and Adam asked if I could grab his. I also grabbed Rod’s. Marylin D. was explaining something to someone, but I was not listening.

The next thing I know I was being pushed out of the conference room by a group of people. These people were protestors of some sort and I somehow got grouped with them. I agreed with their protest, but not as adamant as them. Everyone was naked, as a sign of protest, but I was wearing only a pair of cutoffs. We were all fired on the spot.

Suddenly, I was in a room at the end of a long hallway changing into clothes. As I was putting my pants on, Ernie walked out of another room and into the hallway and saw me in my underwear. He then disappeared into another room.

When I was dressed, Adam found me in another room. He came to talk to me about my job. He walked around the room as he talked, trying to look dignified, and was pulling it off. I was now leaning against a bed post and listening.

He explained that he and the company did not care what any one person did or felt about any matter whatsoever. But working at Amuneal was a way of life. ‘A responsibility to uphold was all that mattered.’ He spoke a lot of shit like this. He then said he wanted me to stay on, but Larry was very upset at my behalf

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