Plastic Genitalia

January 1994

Debbie and I were driving to class in her car. (I dreamt this because I was thinking of the time time after the Breakmate project was over.)

The class was in a building in the middle of a muddy field. There was a gully we were driving down and we missed the turn off to get out of it. We stopped, got out, and there was the teacher sitting at a desk waiting for us.

We approached the desk and laid out upon it was lots of rubberized and plastic genitalia parts and whole models. We sat down, and the teacher, an old man I did not recognize, started pointing to each one and explaining what they were.

One thing in particular was a small plastic ring with two prongs protruding towards the center of it. I asked what it was and the teacher, doctor, held it up and Debbie explained that you balance the thing on the end of your cock where the prongs hit your skin and the center would be where a needle would go if you needed a shot there for some reason, I didn’t know what the reason would be. The doctor then picked up a piece of hard rubber which was the shape of testicles cut in half and he fingered it and said that this was his favorite.

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