Mind you…I really do like Sci-Fi but it stunk badly.  though perhaps not fair, i must judge it against other sci-fi films, including its alien predecessors. if taken alone, okay not terrible, but c’mon.

Are we not yet tired of the waking up groggy and sick from hyper sleep scene?
Are we not yet tired of the surly cast of characters doubting why they’re there?
….of hangover and locker room jocularity?  were manners and respect lost in the future?
…the corporate guys rejection of science’s motives?
….of the wacky characters…(the captain is unorthodox…did every body get that!! he was unorthodox and therefore likeable)
…of the single synthetic android and references to his lack of emotion?
…must the synthetic get ripped in half AGAIN? really?
…bad and predictable space dialogue?
…woman gives her self cesarean then back to work? really?
…automatic operating machine really does cesarean without sedating her? Id send that piece of medical equip back before i let it give me circumcision.
…bad old man makeup? Was that Benjamin Buttons? why not just use old man who can act?  maybe Tommy Lee Jones?
…bad old man acting (doddering on cane)?  this has been done better by my daughters.
…sci-fi has to rely on some sort of science, its built upon it, so why the immediate leap from giant creature-octopus-weapon germinating inside big humanoid comes out as nearly fully formed Alien we know and love?  where was the slow evolutionary process that was discussed earlier in movie?
…was early scene of ship flying through clouds and atmosphere of new planet the same scene in avatar?  for that matter wasn’t it the same scene in Aliens 2?
…giant humanoids again?  this time gray not blue though.
…why was the first human alien ripped, cut, muscled?  Arnold Shwarzenegger with flattened nose?  couldn’t he have had a big fat Romulan ale belly and receding hairline instead of bald and muscular?  are there not lazy aliens?
…did they actually fly 2 thousand years and start exploring on the same day hurricane sandy hits?\
…did they actually fly 2 thousand years to exploration site, but cant wait till tomorrow to bring in specimens?
…are we not yet mature enough in our sci fi that we don’t need to meet our maker?
…80 yrs in future and we’re still using hand guns for space exploration?…i expected a climactic karate fight
…why don’t crews listen to protocol?  why are they always ignoring the rules? Is no one competent in the future? Are there no professionals in the future? that would be the real weapon against mankind.  breed incompetency into the genetic code.  is that what this was?

I can find more if I watch again tonight.

Sunshine…a movie with a respectable story, dialogue, professional human characters actually acting like professional humans.  no flash, no acid dripping heart burn squid wanting to quadruple its body mass without similarly depleting its host body of mass thus defying the laws of physics and biology. no corporate menace.  just the rigors of space and some simple human psychology.  Sunshine.

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