Tiny Mice

June 1994

I was at work, a normal day. Bill came up at quarter to five and said he had to turn all the lights off for a moment. He did so and it was pitch black. I saw him walked behind Jim F’s desk with a flashlight, pointing it at the ground under the side boards and saying, “There are a few, and there are some more…”

It was mice he was seeing. He then turned on the lights, and the office was swarming with little mice, like baby mice. They literally covered the floor. We were all trying to walk to our desks to leave and in the process we were stepping on and crushing mice with every move.

I was at my desk and had to wait for my computer to shut down. A girl came up from the back office, Kelly? (John R’s Kelly) came up to wait for me. As she was, a girl who was working in Ernie’s desk asked me if I could carry some things out to her car for her. I said yes, Kelly not liking it, and as I was about to to so, the computer shut itself off. The three of us then walked out together.

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