January 1994

I lived in my old station wagon near the beach at LBI One day, Cork and Scott D came over to my car which was parked between fields of seaweed.

I was changing into my beach clothes when I noticed Scott wearing a shirt which John R gave him, it had some manufacturing logo on it. I remember that John gave me a similar shirt and pulled mine out. When I did, it turned out to be a sock and when I looked back at Scott, he was wearing a sock too, the other one. He then asked why I would take just one sock leaving him with no other choice but to wear only one.

The beach was in walking distance behind a condo partially hidden by the tall seaweed.

We were about to leave when l said I had to register my car. We turned to walk the other way towards a large desk sitting in the middle of no where. Tim Iris was there now. The registration form was written so small that I could not read it. I never filled it out.

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