Snow Bank of Blood and Skiing in Summer

May 1994

It was night and a bunch of kids and myself were coming back from skiing. There was one set of parents with us, Angel and Brian Biggers.

It was a nice a cozy house we were coming back to. The porch light was on and it was snowing and the kids and I were were playing in the snow under the light and having a lot of fun.

Someone then yelled and noticed that one of the kids was dead. He had been mutilated, then stuffed back into his snow pants and jammed into a snow bank. Blood had turned the snow red and the light shone down on it a it was a eerie image.

The kid’s parents showed up from out of nowhere, pulled him from the bank and took him home not saying one word the entire time.

Latter, inside, I was laying my things to dry and I picked up my thermals and they looked as if I was ‘slimed’. There was pinkish, chunky, gooey stuff all over the thermals and I just tossed them outside and wondered how they got so bloody. I just assumed it was a normal day of skiing for me.

I then found myself in my kitchen in Oakland talking to John R on the phone. I was on the phone, but his head was hovering over me in my kitchen. I asked him if he wanted to go skiing and he said no for two reasons. One, Dave G was giving a stand up performance at Truman Feild, and two, it was the middle of summer. Before I called John, I was somehow able to see into Caryn’s house and noticed that the phone in her mother’s room was off the hook and laying in a litter box. When John said it was summer outside, I heard Caryn tell her mother that she could hear this conversation. I then felt a little silly because I asked John to go skiing in the middle of summer.

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