Star Trek and Green Alarm Air

March 1994

(I watched the Star Trek: TNG where Georde was trapped with a Romulan)

I dreamt the same show, but it changed as it went along. As Georde was to be beamed aboard, something happens and it suddenly was not him. What I was looking at gets, blurry, but then another crew from an identical enterprise shows up. I was on the ship for a second while the new crew ran behind a control panel and then I was back to watching it on tv. This scene I was watching was very familiar.

The scene then shifted to a space shot and it showed the enterprises chasing its identical twin. Jupiter was in the background. They were firing back and forth in a tremendous display.

(My alarm went off, and I remember trying to get back into thee dream as I always try to do which never works.)

I fell back to sleep and dreamt I was laying in a feild of tall grass, really thick and dark dark green grass. The alarm went off again and this time I thought I would try to incorporate the sound of the alarm into my dream, the grass dream. All I have a memory of is seeing the grass move before me, like I was just turning my head to the right and the scene shifted to the left. The grass then started to rise a little, and then, in unison with the alarm clock, the grass somehow turned into green air in front of my eyes. I mean half an inch before my eyes. There is no other way to describe it. For a split second the air took the shape of grass, doing so in time with the alarm. This vision even lasted a moment or two after I sat up and turned off the alarm.

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