Take Your Game On The Road

We’re all connected, screen everywhere we look. Hell, now with Google Glass we look through screens everywhere we look. Ugh.

It the way some folks want to live I suppose, especially gamers. In an OK book called “Halting State” the characters moved around the world and gamified everything. We are not yet thee… but let’s take a step closer.

Buses and trains and planes during normal rush hour commutes should be marketing as the Gamer Ride. Passengers pick their favorite games and the entire bus or train becomes part of the fun. All passengers are playing the same game, fighting/killing/skinning/friending – whatever the hell one does these days in video games – all as a group. Hell, get some good marketing behind it and a bus can physically transform into a Call of Duty transport carrier… or again whatever the hell gamers ride around in.

I bet more people would mass commute if so??

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