Telephone Exit Speeches

What happened to simply saying, “Good-bye”?

Even if I am happy to place a call into the local borough hall, or utility company, or my doctors office or any random store or manufacturer to address an issue, it is still very annoying that the representative on the other end of the line cannot just end the call with a simple “Goodbye”. I don’t want to hear a rambling, pre-rehearsed sales or service pitch asking me to take a followup survey or listen to a promotional offer nor do I want  to stay on the phone and listen to Betty or Jacob or Radagast as they share with me what a pleasure it was to hear from me and thank me endlessly for calling and continuing to be a valued and respected customer.

If they respected me they would not waste my time and not fuck up in the first place forcing me to call them to work through and relive a terrible experience I had with them, or reiterate a fuckup they made and then deal with the system of incompetency just to then – after all said and done –  suffer through the long winded goodbye.

It makes me look like the bad guy when I hang the fuck up on those fucking fuckers!

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