5 and Ten Store and Getting High

April 1994
I could not sleep. I got out of bed and went for a walk.

The house was near Yawpo Ave in Oakland and I started to walk down it. It was night and every time a car came, I hid behind a tree or something. At one point, a lot of cars came, one long row of cars that there was now a traffic jam. I was behind a parked car, but now got in it. Other cars were right next to me, but they could not see me.

Suddenly, the car I was in started moving. A woman had gotten in and started down Yawpo. It was now morning and it was getting light. I was hoping she would come to a stop somewhere and I would just jump out of the car for she did not know I was there. I watched her as she made all the lights, and avoid all other opportunities to stop. She came to a stop sign, but there was a parked car blocking my exit. I guess I did not think of leaving through the other door.

Finally, passing the 5 & 10 store, I saw she was about to get on 208 and I showed myself and said stop the car. She did, and I got out. As I did so, she said, It’s about time you said that.

I ran around back to the 5 & 10 and started to walk through the woods back up to the house. There were railroad tracks back then and I got on them and took a right and started walking. As soon as I did, I saw some people up ahead. They were throwing foam bricks at each other and at targets. There were two up on the tracks against a wall. and two more people down below sitting on chair on a blanket. There was a steep hill to get down from the
tracks and it was overgrown and someone had lay down fencing of some sort to make the climb easier. The two at the top were encouraging a dog as it made its way up towards them, it was a beagle and it was struggling hard to make it up.

I ran down the hill and passed near by where the two people on the blanket were sitting. One was a young man, he had glasses on, really thick ones,and dirty blonde hair. The girl was a fat slob. The guy threw a brick at me, the foam one, and laughed. I smiled and walked by and he said your Willy, Laura’s brother. I stopped and turned and he said, “She has given a thousand blow jobs” and laughed, I ignored it and walked away.

I got into more woods now, the last scene being almost like a quarry of some sort, and head an engine. I climbed over a fence and saw a quad zip by. I walked closer and saw a girl sitting on a fence. She was a brunette, short, a little chunky, and very friendly. She knew me, but I did not recognize her. She said that Cork and the gang were here last night and they said you were home sleeping. (I don’t know if this was a previous dream, or what, but I recall somewhere Cork and John telling me about some people they met in the woods and partied with.)

She asked if I got high and I said yes and a mustang pulled up. It was John. He got out of his car and said, I thought you were sleeping?

We went into the house and now more people started showing up. All were on the young side and very cool. There was about twelve of us and we were now passing around two joints. There was joking going on a we were having a good time.

We went inside an were sitting around the kitchen table. John was across from me and he looked really stoned. A few people showed up at the door and John said its those bastards from last night. (Again, I remember him and cork telling me about these guys) Seems they cheated in some challenge they had taken last night. They came in and apologized for last night and all was cool.

I went to take a piss and when I looked in the mirror, I saw my hair really messed up and I looked like a girl. I turned away, but then looked back because it was frightening. I looked again and I was a girl. There were small changes made to my face and I was now an ugly girl. I ran both my hands over my face and hair and when I looked again, it was just a trick of the mind. I was still a little shaken though. (Even the next morning I felt a little weird about it. It looked very strange.)

A girl came in and started poking me with this little stuffed snake or something and I grabbed her and started to rough house with her a bit. I realized then that I could probably sleep with this girl If I wanted. Another guy cam in and the next thing I know, I was in high school, walking down the hallway and I ended up in a psychology calls discussing dreams.

In the class was Ericka S and that blonde chick with the big breasts, I can’t remember her name. Jeff J was sitting next to her and he got up and left the class saying he had to take a piss. The teacher looked at him and said that he is really abusing his generosity.

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