Bus to Russia

John R was going to Russia for work, and at the last minute I decided to go with him. I made my decision and called my dad to tell him. He did not like the decision. He told me I should go to NASA center in Fl. I was on the phone with him in the middle of a parking lot, on one side of me it was day, on the other it was night. I told him and said, I love you. and he said nothing and hung up.

I was upset but turned to the night side of things and saw the bus which left for Russia. John and I asked the driver had much longer we had and he said about 20 minutes so we went on and unloaded our stuff. I was a nice leisure line all carpeted in red. Dim lights lit the interior. We dropped or stuff off, then got off the bus to wash up and hit the toilet.

Once in the bathroom, we noticed right away it was co-ed. As I was leaving, there were a group of girls near the door sitting at urinals in front of a computer. At one station, one girl was sitting, and another was standing over her showing her how to use the system.

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