Adam and Card Table

May 1994

Adam, his mother, Rod and I eating lunch on the shop floor of Amuneal, right in the middle of production. The next thing I know, we were in the parking lot eating, then on a road. Then, I was alone on the card table and floating down the road, but the road was now a canal of some kind. I steered the table around corners and landed at the shore in front of Adam’s shore house. I entered and it was like the cabin in VT, a small wooden ski house. We (everyone was back together) all had to shower before going out for the evening.

I remember the bathroom to be very small and when I got out, Harriet went in a cleaned up after me.

Debbie and I were talking in my kitchen in Oakland. She had on only a night shirt and we hugged a few times and every now and then, I saw her nakedness, but thought nothing of it. (Unless you consider dreaming of it thinking about it,.)

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