Porky & Buckwheat in Oakland

May 1994

I was on my front lawn in Oakland wrestling with Porky and Buckwheat. Actually, Porky just stood there, it was me and Buckwheat who really went at it. I was on my knees and we were really just playing around. It was a bright sunny day.

I then left the two and went into my house to get dressed, or changed I should say, to meet Chris Hagler up on the street. I could not find what to wear and I remember looking into an bare closet, just seeing a few wire hangers and the dusty wooden walls. I grabbed one of my Dad’s flannels and a pair of jeans. (This was very important in the dream.)

I walked up the street and saw him laying on Sese’s driveway playing with a cat. He saw me, stood up and said he had to go. Just then a car sped down the street, skidded to a stop in front of us, and he jumped in the car and took off.

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