Animated Rush, Page and Plant and Lesbianism

June 1994

I was in Philly by my self walking round and with Caryn and her girlfriends. I tried to avoid them, but no luck. They said hi, then I managed to escape them and entered a large auditorium.

I was with Cork in this large auditorium watching a animated feature set to rock music. We watched and then saw Page and Plant come on to the stage and play. Cork and I had great seats and Jimmy kept looking at us because we were almost in his face.

At one point during his performance, he dropped the pick under he strings and was able to get it again without losing much of the song. In fact, he saw we were amazed at this, he did it over and over. He started fooling around and playing silly for us and at one point, while playing, he tied a mike believe string to his lip, wrapped it around his ear, tied it to the guitar and when playing a certain note, his curled up his top lip. Cork laughed like hell and jimmy said I taught him that.

Actually, this started while we were watching tv. It was a special of some kind and i first grabbed out attention because of a small girl came up to he stage and asked to sing with a fat black singer. The singer talked about the power of tv, then let her sing. As the girl saw herself on tv she stopped, got embarrassed and just waved. Then Page and plant come on stage and then we were there.

I was then with Mike and he was waiting to g on. He went to the dressing room and motioned for me to come with him. It was a small room with mice everywhere and I hoped to run into Page, but no luck. I remember trying to light up a mirror so I could look at my eyes which was bothering me, but I could not.

I then waited in the hallway, which looked like my hallway in Oakland, and some other people were walking by, the following acts. One group of bikers walked by and commented that they liked the jeans jacket I was wearing. A few other people walked by saying some things to mike. One guy said, Hey Steve, tell Mike he goes up after the film clip. he obviously did not know Mike too we’ll.

I then went out to sit and watch the film because I head Rush. I caught the end of the Overture of 2112 which had been put to animation. I came out and then it was the very end of the side when the film showed an alien robot of some kind waiting for an elevator. As the doors opened before him, the words, we have assumed control were heard and another robot, cleaned and shaped like a flying saucer stood on the wrecked of a group of old robots and said they were now taking over. It stepped out of the elevator and as red lasers for eyes, it ‘stared’ down at the old robot and kept yelling those words. Soon it rounded up more old robots and was giving the mall a lecture. 2112 ended, but the story continued. It showed, against a red background, the old robots being crushed and torn apart. There was then some live human edited into the film and then it ended. The human face was begging for its life.

Mike had joined my in the front row watching the film and when it was over, there was a parade in front of us. Instead of a stage, there was a street and fire trucks rolled by and the crowd loved it.g
Carl d was there and was yelling at his retarded son who was sitting on one of the trucks, (This is a callback) During the parade, I had taken off my pants and underwear, but had put them back on without being noticed.

I then got up and went to talk with Carl. In the back room, I saw him Jim f and Alec Baldwin and another girl talking. I went back and we bullshitted about the bikes and whether they had bike locks back then, or even if they had bike racks. Carl then opened a book of naked women and I went back to see mike. I told them all to come out and wach him.

As I was walking back to the front of the auditorium, I waled past Stacy. She looked great. I sat down and she had asked my how I got out of the class I dropped. (This is another callback, we were now sitting at a high school lunch table.) I said I don’t recall, it was years ago. She then asked if I had another number and that I should call her between 9-3 one night and she would drive down to see me. I told her mike was coming on and left to see him. I then went back, gave her back a thing I had accidentally taken from the table, and said it was great to see her again.


The film was b/w and showed an actress during a audition acting as if she was caught in a violent wind storm. She was rolling around the stage, blown by the wind. All the while, her bra was slipping down and she was visibly struggling to keep it on. Soon another actress joined her and they both undressed and were to experiment with lesbianism. One laid don her back, then the other kneeled before her and said, “Now how do we make them talk?” Oh yeah, then she started fingering the girl.

Then Mike came out and I woke up.

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